At Sun-Pacific Equipments Pte Ltd, we carry a wide variety of products from three major brands (FASSI, SOCAGE, and B.O.B.) and provide top-class service for your individual needs.

Be it installation, fabrication, servicing and maintenance, troubleshooting, or load-testing, we can provide all these with dedication and professional knowledge, so not only do we help you get things up and running, but we also provide the services to make sure that your equipment stays in top shape.

Being the main regional distributor for FASSI, SOCAGE, and B.O.B. products in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, we work closely with these brands to make sure we are always stocked with spare parts and upgrade parts so that you never have to wait.

Our primary product at Sun-Pacific is FASSI brand cranes and parts. As the regional distributor of FASSI cranes in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and as the non-exclusive distributor for some parts of China, we are your first choice in the entire region for these world-class cranes.

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Sun-Pacific also carries B.O.B. (B.O.B. Sistemi Idraulici S.p.A.) Unilifts in our line-up of vehicles. For all your hooklift needs, we also provide the same quality service as we do for our primary products. We are currently the distributor for B.O.B. Unilifts in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines.

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